Premenstrual Syndrome Stories

Sarah' Story

I am writing this letter in the belief that what I have learnt may help hundreds of other Mothers, and may give Michelle, Auckland, All at sea, South Island and Frustrated Mum, Hawkes Bay something to consider. Eight months ago I felt at the end of my tether. I felt depressed and very stressed all the time, and knew I was yelling at my children for no reason. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in at least a year and had absolutely no interest in sex.

When I finally went to the Doctor, she prescribed anti-depressants. I was pretty unhappy at the thought of having to take them. Fortunately at the same time I learnt that when a woman gives birth, the hormone Progesterone stops being produced in the body.

This hormone is pivotal in helping control and balance the menstrual cycle, adrenal function, thyroid activity, sexual function, blood pressure and may other body functions as well as being a natural anti-depressant.

I some woman, the body may take some time to start making Progesterone again or may never make it to the required level again.

I contacted Patient Advocates Ltd for Natural Hormone Therapy in Tauranga for information and advice. I sent a saliva sample off for testing (blood tests aren't nearly as accurate) and results showed I was very low in Progesterone. On Patient Advocates advice my Doctor prescribed Natural Progesterone cream which I rub into my skin for two weeks of every month. After only two days I slept all night without waking once, and continue to do so. It felt too good (and easy) to be true!. Within six weeks I felt so dramatically improved in all areas, I have been telling everyone I know about the difference it has made to my life. 

I feel sure there must be thousands of women needlessly on anti-depressants because many Doctors don't know about or are suspicious of Natural Progesterone cream. A good book to read is "Progesterone - The Natural Hormone" by Kimberley Paterson. Women with severe PMT and those going through Menopause can also be significantly helped by this product.

Sarah - Otago 

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