Premenopause and Menopause Stories


You deserve a medal you girls. Honestly I am the old me again. It pops into my head every now & again, why am I feeling so happy & calm. I didn’t realise I was so unhappy & so anxious, until I wasn't.

The chat on the phone did wonders, I felt half way normal, just from that. This is a very personal lonely road & a kind voice reassuring on the phone, took all the confusion, sadness, fear, abnormal away. So a very huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Then my visit to my GP was very positive. He knew nothing of Patients Advocates & wanted to investigate before moving forward. Had me have a full blood screening. Has asked I go & have breast screening, so has fulfilled his obligations as my GP & happily wrote my script for Progesterone.

I am me again, I am so incredibly happy. I just can’t thank you enough Pat yourselves on the back for what you do for no doubt thousands of women.

My sister has just emailed you today, as she is suffering terribly. It’s so lovely to know I have sent her in the right direction to a happier balanced life.

Kindest Regards

Catherine's Story

My name is Catherine and it all started when I turned around 43.
Routine tasks became a problem. My anxiety levels rose through the roof. I have always been the type of person that was anxious and a worrier but it didn't take over my day to day life. What a drama I couldn't even go to the supermarket by myself. I was always anxious. I would wake up in the morning with my stomach turning and worrying. My doctor put me on to a mindfulness course which ran over 6 weeks. That was goo good didn't help enough, so he then put me onto a cognitive behavioural therapy course. That was a lot better and I was taught how to make my mind think differently. But no matter how hard I tried I was still anxious. I lost a lot of weight and my periods also changed they were very light. My doctor then put me on to Patient Advocates in Tauranga for natural hormone therapy. Over the last few years I have also suffered from tender breasts, headaches sometimes migraines, night sweats and temperature changes.

I first saw Felicity in May 2008. My progesterone salivary test was so low it was basically non-existant. So it didn't matter how hard I tried to solve my anxiety problem because of the imbalance in my body it would not have gone on its own. My last test in March 2009 was so good I am now on a maintenance dose of cream because my body is maintaining my progesterone. I have also been able to put all my weight back on and keep at a stable level. I am on progesterone cream and taking supplements. My night sweats are very infrequent and my other symptoms have eased dramatically.

I have just come back from a holiday in Australia. I could not have coped with this two years ago as my anxiety would have stopped me. It was still challenging but I did it! 

Progesterone cream and taking supplements have changed my life! 


Rosalene's Story

I was introduced to Patient Advocates by a friend who had heard about the wonders of their Progesterone treatment. I was more than keen to give it a try, as I had reached a really low point with my health, and was willing to try anything!!. The contacts at Patient Advocates in Tauranga were most helpful and considerate, but most of all, their Progesterone cream proved to be nothing short of miraculous. After several weeks on the prescribed course, my overall health improved noticeably, my lethargy disappeared, my energy (both physical and mental) returned, and my overall sense of well-being became apparent once again.

I had become so far down in my own self-estimation and confidence that I had almost begun to believe that this desperation was the state I was to tolerate for the rest of my days!. But no! Patient Advocates came to my rescue with their no-fuss Progesterone cream, and I recommend to women of (probably) all ages who are not feeling as on top of life as they would like, to refer to Patient Advocates and try their regime using the Progesterone cream.

This hormone replacement/adjustment is certainly every bit as effective and beneficial as they say, and although it does not solve all of life's problems, it certainly worked wonders for me.

I have passed on my experience to many others and hope that even more women can find relief and improved quality of life just as I have.

Rosalene - Waihi 

Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful natural medicines. I had blood tests a week ago and got told that they haven't seen my CRP level that low before. Yahoo - I certainly told them why but as always they are not interested.

My health is almost back to normal now after a year of your support. I was under the doctors for the past 10 years they were trying to figure out why the CRP levels were so high. They will drop further as well. The digestion is now almost normal no heartburn and now that this is all going well the hormonal problems are all lessening and a little bit a progesterone cream once a day to enhance it. What a turn around.

Thank you 

I have been a client with Patient Advocates for several years. I have referred many of my friends, family, clients & colleagues, male, female, young & mature, over this time & will continue to do so.

Why? My experience over these years has been spectacular. Without the expertise, support & ease of consultation I would be very, very challenged to have recovered my health... I truly feel I would not have. As one of my clients said, "They saved my life." For me, they allow me to live with health & wellness.

I am immensely grateful.


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