Endometriosis Stories

Carolyn's Story

I met Felicity in December 1999 with regard to using Natural Progesterone therapy for my Endometriosis. At the time was very depressed, and sick and tired of the countless debilitating side effects of this degenerative disease. I was embarrassed to bother you during a social event but such was my desperation for a ray of hope.

Well, I want to tell you about a miracle, and I have you to thank for it. I started taking the Progesterone cream as you directed (against the advice of my Homeopathic Doctor, who put me on a strict no-dairy diet for six months), and within 3 months I started to notice a discernable difference in my periods - they were lighter and less painful. Within a year they were absolutely normal!. Part of my healing was due to my taking responsibility for my own health, and listening to my inner voice, but the rest was due in no small part to diet, the cream and resolving some life long emotional issues.

The story does not end there. In September 2000 I enjoyed a wonderful holiday romance in Kenya with a beautiful man, and on returning to London, discovered I was pregnant!. I had gone through two husbands and ten years of painful effort to have a baby to no avail. Now, within a year, I had healed myself and fallen pregnant - a life long dream!. My daughter, (Sienna Isabella), is a gorgeous little angel - a real blessing and gift to all who meet her.

Felicity, I would really like to thank you for your contribution to my healing, I will never forget how you took time out to speak to me, and how everything you said made so much sense - more so than anything any Doctor had ever told me. Please continue helping women like me - you have no idea the positive impact you are making.

I intend to write a book about my story to help the hundreds of thousands of sufferers around the world who are told by the Medical professions that there is no known cause for the condition and no known cure. I now know that this is utter rubbish.

Once again, many many thanks and keep up the good work.

Carolyn - London 

Trudie's Story

I'm 38, twenty years married, no children, infertility problems for thirteen years, two failed IVF's, diagnosed with Endometriosis two years ago.

I had surgery for the Endometriosis in Easter 2001 with the result being it was not possible to remove it all. This sent me into deep depression and I had a breakdown. Hopelessness, heartbreak and fear gripped my life.

The Doctors were very concerned and I was prescribed anti-depressants. The side effects of the anti-depressants sent me into deeper despair and darkness. However I took a big step of faith and converted from the anti-depressants to St Johns Wort. Although the Endometriosis was still there, it was such a blessing to have the side effects of the anti-depressants leave me.

Out of a deep cry and Christian prayers I was led to read a book entitled "What you your Doctory might not tell you about Menopause". Dr John Lee M.D. I began to see that there was a connection between Endometriosis and hormone balance. As I read this book that morning my husband Stephen came home from a friends with a tape called "Natural Progesterone" by Dr John Lee (exactly what I was reading about!

I decided to take another step in faith, believing that this was the path to walk along in desperation. I became convinced that Endometriosis liked being in an Oestrogen dominant environment, where there was a lack of Progesterone.

As well as environmental issues of toxicity, dietary changes and exercise; all making a positive difference.

At this time I also developed Fibrocystic breasts with a large cyst being aspirated and the fear of cancer gripping me. I started using a wild Yam extract cream, but was aware of my need for a Doctor who would work with me with Natural Progesterone. I realised that I needed a salivary test to get my hormonal level reading, but where and how?

Another step of faith during this intense time, coming off St Johns Wort and letting God begin to heal my brokenness, grief, hopelessness and pain on many levels.

My pursuit and prayers led me to an organisation called "Patient Advocates for Natural Hormone Therapy" and here I have been getting healing a physical level. Patient Advocates are based in Tauranga. They liaise between us and our Doctor to ensure information and all alternatives are presented.

I was so excited to see their acknowledgement to Dr John Lee on the research of the Natural Hormone Therapy; the very Doctor I was originally lead to read about.

Since 1998 Felicity Sinden of Patient Advocates has worked with hundreds of women, who have sort solutions for symptoms of PMT, Osteoporosis, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menorrhagia, mood swings, fluid retention, loss of Libido and weight gain.

Following the initial consultation a salivary level is sent to the Laboratory, Patient Advocates role is to determine anI individualised possible course of action, both to inform you and your Doctor regarding Natural Hormone Replacement and related therapies.

I experienced major improvements in abdominal cramps, headaches, energy levels, breast tenderness, nausea and emotional wellness

Follow-up salivary test results showed a dramatic increase.

Within five months my salivary Progesterone level had increased and the use of the Natural Progesterone cream has decreased dramatically. I am very well. Faith, hope, wholeness, life and fertility are being regained. With no side effects of Endometriosis is finally under control and Trudie is whole again with very little pain and a passion for other women to do the same.

Trudie - Auckland