woman headacheA hormonal imbalance can lead to Migraines. Oestrogen causes swelling in the brain the same way it does in the breasts. It is the fault of enlarged blood vessels in the brain that cause most hormonal Migraine headaches. The most frequent time for Migraines to appear in a menstruating lady, is just prior to and during menstruation. It is also common for the headaches to appear post pregnancy and be worse than experienced previously (commonly called hormonal headaches).

The hormonal pattern of these headaches can change as a woman gets older, at times such as childbirth, after childbirth, after hysterectomy (surgical menopause) and after tubal ligation. These factors may be associated with an overall decrease in the production of Oestrogen and/or Progesterone from the ovaries, when the usual cyclical drop in blood hormones becomes more extreme, causing the headaches to be more frequent, more severe and to last longer.

The headaches that are most likely to benefit from treatment with specific hormones such as Progesterone are those that show a definite relationship to menstruation in a 3-month record and have the characteristics of PMS.

Often Migraine sufferers have a family history, so they start life with a predisposition to Migraines. There are those among them whose attacks are related to menstruation or food related and who can benefit from simple advice and possibly also from Progesterone and/or Oestrogen therapy. 

If Migraines occur with the onset of menses, this usually indicates that Oestrogen therapy may be required, however if the Migraine/headache occurs after ovulation Progesterone therapy is indicated.

The use of Oestrogen and Progesterone creams with specific nutrient support will often cure these Migraines, when Progesterone and Oestrogen levels are within therapeutic range, even when the migraines have been occurring for years. 

Ladies who suffer from Migraines often will not arrange social occasions for fear of a Migraine occurring. This can be overcome by charting a monthly headache sheet, as it will soon become apparent that the headaches have a regular pattern.

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