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The anguish of infertility
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Patient Advocate's aim is to help people regain their confidence and vitality for living by providing natural individualised hormonal balance.

We achieve this by using Bio-identical Hormone Therapy in biological dosing with supporting nutritional supplements based on research and using laboratory testing for sound scientific practice.

We endeavour to create a professional environment maintaining integrity and confidentiality with a focus on support of the individual patient on their return of health.

What are hormones?

Hormones can be described as molecules which implement signaling to tissues, much the way a catalyst works in a chemical reaction.

Natural hormones are made from DIOSGENIN, an extract from the wild yam or soy plants, which is then converted in the laboratory to the same molecular structure as the body's own hormones.

To create hormonal balance for the individual, bio-identical (natural) hormones are used in biological (normal healthy) doses for each person's requirements as identified by symptoms and laboratory results.

Commonly recommended natural hormones are:  

Renowned Researchers and Doctors associated with natural hormones therapy are:

  • Sandra Cabot
  • John Lee
  • Jonathan Wright
  • Katarina Dalton
  • Christiane Northrup
  • Susan Rako
  • Fenton Bennett
  • Pam Smith


Patient Advocates for Natural Hormone Therapy


Natural Hormone Therapy is a method of adjusting the body's chemical balance using progesterone hormone.

Test it for yourself.